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How to submit an article

WSAZ accepts articles on the water sector in Zimbabwe from all academic disciplines and professional backgrounds. The articles need to be concise and written in a manner that facilitates the broadest possible understanding. The articles can be research-based or can be opinion articles. There are three main types of articles that WSAZ accepts:

  • Research-based overviews or summary articles based on ongoing or published research by the author(s) and aim to promote dissemination of your research.
  • Project-based articles open discussions about water-related projects in the country
  • Opinion articles include reports on the activities of the water sector in Zimbabwe, ranging from breakthrough research, improvements in the water sector and even problems in the water sector that need intervention in research and practice. Popular articles in the water sector can also be shared on our news platform.

Articles must meet the following criteria for publication on the website:

  • Articles should be between 500-1000 words.
  • Articles should reference at least three verifiable sources in support of their arguments, at least one of which must be peer-reviewed.
  • Articles should be written in excellent English with no significant, or repeated, spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Articles should be original pieces of work regarding water issues in Zimbabwe

In order to submit an article, contact us at wsaz.online@gmail.com or through the Contact us page. Research-based articles based on published research can provide a link to the publication

As soon as we have received your article, we will let you know if it meets the criteria and if any changes need to be made. We may ask you to revise and resubmit. Once approved we will upload the article to the site.

We encourage readers to submit comments and feedback on existing contributions. We also welcome suggestions on what issues and topics you think should be discussed and what resources we could provide that would be of use to you.

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