Water Scientists Association of Zimbabwe

Our water, our future, ours to protect!

About us.

We would like to welcome you to the Water Scientists Association of Zimbabwe (WSAZ) web page. WSAZ is a not-for-profit scientific community of water scientists in Zimbabwe. It was formed after the realisation that the past few decades, a lot of investment has gone into capacity building in the water sector, but the benefits of that investment have not yet been fully realised. In order to realise the full impact of this investment, the WSAZ has been created with the aim to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and cross-pollination of ideas for Zimbabwean water scientists, young or mature, working in all parts of the water sector, in Zimbabwe or abroad. Through this, it is expected that the true potential for Zimbabwean water resources and the management thereof will be realised. The association is committed to the promotion of scientific studies in all aspects of the hydrological cycle and its management and leveraging that knowledge for the continuous improvement of policy and decision making in the water sector in Zimbabwe.

We work across 13 topics to understand the different aspects of water resources science and management. You are invited to join and participate in this promising endeavor to contribute to scholarly debates and articles on any of the topic areas